It is a neat application that helps you easily download subtitles
0.7.1 (See all)

OpenSubtitlesSearch is a neat application that helps you easily download subtitles.

Main features:

- Available in french / english. ( you can contact me if you want to traduct it in other languages)
- Search subtitles by text query (like the movie name)
- Search subtitles by file (with a hash of the file). This allow to get subtitles corresponding exactly to your movie file (synchronization)
- Can filter any search for specific(s) language(s)
- Display information for a subtitle (comments, votes, ...)
- Automatically changes the encoding of the downloaded subtitles (this often resolve all accents problems)
- Download sub near to the movie file with the same name as the movie
- Associate a file with a subtitle (this way others users will found the associated sub with the same movie file)
- A new method to download, based on a mix of the two others
- Upload subtitles comments

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